Stop hiding from media

If you could be on a magazine cover, would you say no? 

If a producer from a major TV network called you to come on as a guest, wouldn’t it puff up your chest a bit? 

So why are you hiding from them? 

There are two major mistakes businesses and entrepreneurs make when it comes to having the media find them. 

  1. They don’t reach out properly letting media know they’re available. 
  1. When they do reach out, they don’t have the right contact information ready. 

I dealt with No. 1 in a previous post, but it’s worth repeating. If you have knowledge or expertise in a specific field the media WANTS to hear from you. Magazine and newspaper editors, TV and radio producers, online publishers and podcast hosts could search all day on Google for that exact person they need to comment on a trend, news item or story idea and never find you. 

They may be looking for someone to write an advice column and don’t know that you have a stockpile at hand. 


You have to reach out first. You don’t have to reference a specific trend or news item at the time, just send an email saying “Expert available for [YOUR EXPERTISE]” and let them know what you do, why you’re the expert, a few of the topics you can speak to and how they can contact you. 

Which brings me to point No. 2. If you’re going to send me an email make sure your site has more than a contact FORM. Have a media page ready and put the link to that page right in your email. I want to be able to pick up a phone and get you directly. 

Which brings me to point No. 2a. This is a small thing that can mean so much to reporters working to a tight deadline. If you are sending ANY kind of press release or story idea to media outlets, in the contact information you provide, include a cell phone number AND INDICATE THAT IT IS A CELL PHONE.  

So often, people will include just one number and we have no idea if it’s a home phone, cell phone or office phone. If I’m working past office hours or on a tight deadline, I don’t even want to waste a minute trying to navigate voice mail, so if I have two emails from people who have the same expertise for which I need an interview, and one of them has clearly indicated a cell number, I’m going to call that person first. 

Make the media decision-maker’s job easier, and they will reward you with that magazine shot or TV spot that tells everyone, you’re the go-to expert they should be calling. 

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Baila Lazarus

Media Expert

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