How to Get Coverage in a Business Publication

So you want to get coverage for your company or client in a business publication? There are some easy steps to follow to get you there.

First, here are the top 5 reasons why business publications are read:

1. To keep informed with news in their industry or issues in the economy that may impact them.
2. To find solutions to their problems.
3. To connect to the business community.
4. To find ways of saving/making money.
5. For business leads.

So, the first question to ask yourself is, “Can my story idea provide any of these?”

Second, you have to decide what the best format is for you to convey the information you think is compelling enough to be accepted.

If you feel you are an expert in your industry, an advice column might be the best option. If your story idea has different angles to it that would require interviews with two or more people, a feature or news story would be a better format.

Third, there should be a unique hook to the story. Perhaps you have a new business idea that hasn’t been done before; maybe you have a singular view on a current event that can provide relevant information; or perhaps there has been a change in situation in an industry that people don’t know about.

Fourth, it helps (although isn’t absolutely necessary) to have a timely relevance to your pitch. This could exist if the story idea is connected to a current trend in the news (e.g. the increase in popularity of bitcoin), the anniversary of a relevant event (e.g. one year since the anti-spam bylaw took effect) or a time of year that generates interest in specific types of stories (e.g. tax tips for sole proprietors around tax time).

Finally, you can significantly improve your chances by becoming familiar with a publication’s editorial calendar. This is a list of special sections or theme issues that are usually generated by the editorial and advertising departments for an entire year. Pitching your story with the goal of being in a particular section not only gives it a timely hook, but helps the editor solve the problem of filling that section with theme-relevant material. If you have a story related to real estate, for example, pitching it well in advance to the editor and letting them know it’s perfect for that section gives you a better chance of having your email opened, read and used.

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Baila Lazarus

Media Expert

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