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At a marketing conference, over lunch, I was discussing PR strategies with an entrepreneur who shows people how to destress.

She had worked with a marketing mentor who told her to prepare hundreds of articles that would be ready to go for blog posts or other marketing material.

Her question: What do I do with all this material?

She had all the articles uploaded to Google Docs, just waiting for a magazine or newspaper editor to find her and ask for something to print.

She was ready to send them to the folder, have them pick one based on a title, then she would send them the material.


So, let’s declare:

WHEREAS, You are probably not planning on charging for your material (let’s be honest, most people are not in a position to do so because they are not syndicating the content); and

WHEREAS, You are probably interested in getting your message out to as many people as possible; and

WHEREAS, You want to make an editor’s life as easy as possible; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That such material should be made available for editors who need it at a moment’s notice and made known to the editors in a “Heads Up”© email pitch.

How is this done? Send an email to any magazine or newspaper you think would be interested in your material. Give them a brief description of who you are, why you should be considered the go-to expert and some description of the content you can provide.

Give them the link to access the folder with the pre-written material telling them they can use the material for free if they:

1. Use the brief (two-line) bio that you will provide (this should be at the bottom of EVERY article); and

2. Send you a quick email saying they are using the material and in which publication.

You should have available a high-res headshot in the same folder as the articles that they can download at the same time.

DO NOT expect an editor to save your bio or photo somewhere. They aren’t always that organized; that’s why you should have it at the bottom of every column (indeed any content) you send to get published.

You are probably wondering, How will I know if an article was used? What if they don’t email me? That’s a chance you will take, but if your goal is to get yourself known as the expert in your field, it doesn’t really matter.

Is it possible they’ll run the article and not print your two-line bio? Yes, but a slim possibility. If you’ve only sent your Heads Up© pitches to legitimate news sources, it’s unlikely they’ll run the piece without any attribution.

As the features editor at Business in Vancouver, I relied on this type of material regularly and often I was running to the last minute to fill a spot so having access to this type of material without having to spend the time accessing the author saved my bacon on many occasions.

For more behind-the-editor’s-desk tips on PR, visit my website for the next free webinar. You’ll get access to great PR secrets as well as templates for the Heads Up© pitch.

Baila Lazarus

Media Expert

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