Four steps to being interviewed on television

Blog 16-03 This could be you

This could be you.

This person came across my TV screen the other day. She’s a local interior designer talking about – as the title explains – small-space design.

She is not an internationally recognized design guru.

I’ve never seen her before on television or elsewhere.

She didn’t even have particularly groundbreaking ideas. In fact, she didn’t even seem to know the difference between “functional” and “multi-functional” when referring to furniture.

That’s not the point.

The point is that she is now seen as an expert in her field, on a legitimate media source, by tens of thousands of viewers.

So how do YOU get to be in this position?

  1. Identify a trend. In this case, the trend is around expensive homes and the need for many people to move into smaller residences because it’s what they can afford. As well, many people in larger homes are taking advantage of the hot market, selling their homes and downsizing.
  2. Let the media know you’re available. This requires outreach to the television producers and associate producers letting them know:
    i. You have an expertise on this subject
    ii. You have tips you can share that viewers would be interested in hearing
    iii. You are available to go into studio for an interview
  3. Writing a clear, SHORT email pitch with an appropriate subject line that will draw a producer’s attention.
  4. Having material on your website, such as a media page, that will support your email pitch.

A key thing to keep in mind is that television producers, online publishers, newspaper editors and most people in media ARE LOOKING for people to interview. And they don’t want to take a lot of time finding them.

They have trend stories that have a long life (such as housing prices in Vancouver) and they constantly need fresh approaches to advance the story.

If you present them with easy-to-consume ideas that their viewers would be interested in – and connect the content to a story in the news – you’re on your way to that 15 minutes (OK, 5 minutes) of fame.

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Baila Lazarus

Media Expert

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