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How to Pitch to be a Podcast Guest

One of the fastest growing new media is undoubtedly podcasting. In the U.S. alone, it’s estimated that 57 million people listen to podcasts on a regular basis. Approximately 20% of Americans over 11 have listened to a podcast in the last month. (That’s the same number that use Twitter!) Depending on what source you believe, […]

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Stop hiding from media

If you could be on a magazine cover, would you say no?  If a producer from a major TV network called you to come on as a guest, wouldn’t it puff up your chest a bit?  So why are you hiding from them?  There are two major mistakes businesses and entrepreneurs make when it comes […]

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Got advice to give?

At a marketing conference, over lunch, I was discussing PR strategies with an entrepreneur who shows people how to destress. She had worked with a marketing mentor who told her to prepare hundreds of articles that would be ready to go for blog posts or other marketing material. Her question: What do I do with […]

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Do you know the story here?

Do you know the story here? What first comes to mind – the obvious story – is that two lions are about to have dinner. According to various “Here’s a wonderful animal story” sites, that’s not the case. [More on this later]. It got me thinking about a conversation I had recently with a small […]

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Biggest Mistakes Pitching to Media

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make when trying to gain the attention of an editor, producer or publisher is to “push” the story. You are passionate about what you do and how you can help people, so it sounds good to start off with that, offering a description of your company, […]

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One tip on working smarter, not harder

It is unfortunately true that as you are in the early years of growing your business, you are probably going to have to work hard no matter what all the maxims say; but there are many areas where you can be very strategic – and smart – about your marketing. Think of how long it […]

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How to pitch an expert column

I love successes! And I’ve just celebrated another one with a client of mine who landed his first advice column after sending ONE email. As a customer relationship management expert, he wanted to be in front of small businesses to help them with their client needs. I suggested he pitch a column idea, which he […]

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Four steps to being interviewed on television

This could be you. This person came across my TV screen the other day. She’s a local interior designer talking about – as the title explains – small-space design. She is not an internationally recognized design guru. I’ve never seen her before on television or elsewhere. She didn’t even have particularly groundbreaking ideas. In fact, […]

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