About Baila Lazarus

Baila Lazarus is an award-winning writer and editor, a media strategist, speaker and instructor at Small Business BC. She was the managing editor of Glacier Media Magazines and Special Publications divisions, news features editor at Business in Vancouver newspaper and a business commentator for Global Morning News.

Baila's 20+ years of journalism include print, radio, television and online production. She has been featured as a speaker for the BC Communications Forum, the GetSetGo! Summit, Vancouver Island Tourism and SOHO Victoria, among others. She volunteers her time as a small-business mentor for Futurpreneur Canada and runs the new Vancouver Meetup Get Shit Done Productivity Lab.

Baila lives in Vancouver and provides workshops, webinars and consulting sessions on media strategies to entrepreneurs for both traditional and new media.

“You must treat media channels like clients – first find out what they need before throwing ideas at them.”

Robert Murray Author, international speaker and transformational strategy leade

I attended one of Baila's sessions on capturing the attention of the media for your business. Baila is incredibly knowledgeable about how the media works and what captures their attention. Her years of experience were obvious from the great tips and tricks she shared with us and the stories of how to and how not to go about targeting media outlets. I learned more from her in 45 minutes than I have amassed in 20-plus years as an executive in front of the media and the author of two books on business. Thank you, Baila!

Aisha Tejani Social Media Strategist and Digital Content Writer

I can't believe the results I achieved after working with Baila. I had a one-time, one-hour session with Baila for advice on how to get my organization in the media. Following her advice, I prepared a pitch and only sent it to five media contacts. The result? My pitch got picked up by BC Business the next week and my organization was featured in the April 2015 issue. If you want guaranteed results, I highly recommend you book a session with Baila.